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Manchester Study Group

Director Fall 2017: Associate Professor Frank Frey, Department of Biology and Environmental Studies

Students hiking in Snowdonia National ParkStudying at the University of Manchester:   An important part of any study abroad program is the integration of its participants into the host country’s fabric of daily life. The Division of University Studies' Manchester Study Group (MSG) offers its members the opportunity to continue their Colgate programs by taking four credits and living with British or international students at the University of Manchester (UM). Registering as non-matriculating students, study group members are guaranteed full access to the University's libraries, Student Union, health services and sports and fitness facilities.

Over a decade's worth of student evaluations show that one of the most valuable aspects of MSG is the opportunity to study at an outstanding British university, so different from Colgate in the diversity and size of its student body, its extensive curriculum, and location. Approximately 12,000 students study at the university, which comprises over 70 academic departments. Valuing the richness of UM course offerings, in the last four years credit has been earned in the following Colgate departments:  Art History · Biology · Chemistry · Computer Science · Economics ·Studies· English · Geography · Geology · History · Music · Philosophy · Religion · Sociology & Anthropology · Women’s Studies

The University Theatre, home to the professional Contact Theatre Co.; the Academy, offering almost nightly music events; and the impressive Whitworth Art Gallery are all located on the main campus. The university's proximity to the city center allows easy access to a variety of cultural amenities available in this city of half a million. Manchester is also a convenient jumping-off point for excursions to London, Edinburgh (regular train service to either takes just over 3 hours), and beyond. As part of the 2015 program, the study group will take overnight trips to London and Durham, and explore the socio-ecological conditions of Manchester and its hinterland.

Manchester is a world city with global importance in fashion, sports, nightlife and industry. Manchester is an incredibly diverse city and less expensive than London, which is two hours away by an efficient, inexpensive railway. Manchester’s central location in the United Kingdom makes more easy access to Wales, Scotland, and the Lake District. Its international airport makes weekend trips to the continent easy.

The 2017 program will be the 28th group of Colgate Students to enroll at the University of Manchester. Its director will be Frank M. Frey, Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Studies.  He is an experienced director having run the Australia study group, the Wales study group, and multiple extended studies to southwestern Uganda.

Students studying hard on Manchester Study Group Students visit Stonehenge on England Study Group

Program Prerequisites

All students will enroll in three elective courses and two required courses, which are specifically designed to use Manchester’s rich cultural and archival sources and its global importance.

Required Course:

ENST 233: Global Environmental Health Issues (Professor Frank M. Frey; 0.5 credit)

Environmental health is a field of interdisciplinary study that integrates human society and behavior with ecological processes to understand environmental dimensions of human health. This 0.5-credit course focuses on knowledge generated in the natural and social sciences that concerns human-environmental interactions and its implications for human health risk. It introduces students to the conceptual and empirical underpinnings of the direct and indirect relationships between environment and health, approaches to measuring these relationships, and the ways in which health policies, programs, and clinical practices have been organized to reduce risk at various geographic scales: locally, nationally, and internationally. Regional implications of global climate and other global processes provide an important context for the course. This course also explicitly demonstrates the importance of an interdisciplinary approach to investigating questions in global environmental health and the complexity of environmental analysis.

ENST 391: Independent Study in Environmental Studies (Professor Frank M. Frey; 0.5 credit)

Students will focus on a specific case related to environmental health within the region, and perform independent, interdisciplinary research that may include archival work, primary data collection, site visits, interviewing key informants, etc.  Students will work closely with Professor Frey in developing the research question and subsequent interdisciplinary investigation.  The work will culminate in a seminar paper and presentation to the class.

The combination of ENST 233/391 is not currently approved for GE credit at Colgate.

Courses at Manchester University:

Students will take three courses from the University of Manchester. Registration will occur in Spring 2017. As with all off-campus courses, students should consult with the director about which courses have received prior credit at Colgate. If a course has not, the director and students will work together to insure the class receives transfer credit before enrollment

Students atop a castle in Wales

Fall Calendars:

Colgate classes begin almost three weeks before Manchester courses. The Manchester Fall 2017 classes begin on September 18 while our group will arrive around September 1, 2017. During the interim, we will start our class and have exploratory trips around Manchester. During the last week before formal start of classes at University of Manchester, students will attend orientation meetings, if necessary. While University of Manchester classes end in the second week of December, the university conducts final exams in January. Generally, students arrange with their professor to do additional work before departure home or in rare cases take the final exam at Colgate University the first week of the spring term.

Seniors participating in the Manchester study group will not be eligible to graduate until the following fall semester due to a delay in receiving official transcripts from the University of Manchester. Please ask OCS staff for more information

Living Arrangements

Students live with other UM students in residence halls. Each has a single room that is part of a 'flat' of six or seven other singles with a shared sitting room, kitchen, and bathrooms. Students purchase and prepare their own meals. Visitors to the University are occasionally housed in suite rooms before UM students arrive.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

The Manchester Study Group is sponsored by the Division of University Studies and open to all Colgate students. UM requires a GPA of 3.00 for participation. You may gather additional information from the University of Manchester’s website for international students at


For details of student expenses on this study group, please see Student Cost Estimate Sheets.

Calendar and Deadlines

All students interested in applying should plan on attending one of the informational sessions. The deadline for applications to the Fall 2016 Manchester Study Group is Friday, November 4, 2016. Applications are on the Colgate University Off­-Campus Study/International Programs study groups' website and are submitted online. Only finalists in the selection process will be interviewed. Interviews will take place before fall exams and will be arranged by e­mail. Student notification of selections will take place late December 2016.

Passports and Visas

You must confirm that your passport is valid through June 2018. All students participating on the Manchester Study Group will be required to obtain a U.K. student visa. With participation on this study group comes the responsibility of understanding and complying with U.K. government visa requirements. If you will not be traveling on a U.S. passport it is imperative that you contact an adviser in Off Campus Study/International Programs, 101 McGregory, and International Student Services, 103C Lathrop Hall, to learn as much as you can about the regulations. For some students there are significant visa requirements to be met that take time, advance planning, and incur extra costs.

Program Dates

Manchester Study Group program dates: late August (arrival) – mid-December 2017.

Information Sessions

Wednesday, October 19, 2016 at 4:30 p.m. in 101 McGregory Hall
Friday, October 21, 2016 at 2:30 p.m. in 212 McGregory Hall with Stephanie Nixon, International Initiatives Office from the University of Manchester

All students interested in applying should plan to attend one of these sessions.

More Information

For more information, contact Prof. Frank Frey, 224 Ho Science Center (315-228-7871) or

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