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Manchester Study Group

Director Fall 2019: Meg Worley, Department of Writing and Rhetoric
Students hiking in Snowdonia National Park

The Manchester Study Group spends the fall semester at the University of Manchester, in the heart of the city. You’ll take WRIT 325 (Narrative and New Media) with Meg Worley, from Colgate’s Department of Writing & Rhetoric and Program in Film & Media Studies. Your other three classes will be taken at the University of Manchester in the topics of your choice, and you’ll be living with U of M students in campus housing. All majors are welcome.

About Manchester

Manchester isn’t one of those cities full of castles and ancient ruins. It was built on the industrial revolution, the cotton industry, and the Transatlantic slave trade. Consequently, it has a very different vibe from London or Paris. If London is tea and crumpets, Manchester is meat pie and Jaffa cakes. It is the cultural center of the North – energetic, with great arts offerings and well known for its food scene. Manchester is so hot that the BBC moved their production studios there in 2015 (something we’ll be taking full advantage of).

Manchester is also the birthplace of a number of England’s most famous bands. Oasis, the Smiths, Joy Division/New World Order, the Buzzcocks – all Manc bands, and the city is very proud of this heritage. There’s a vibrant theater scene as well, and everyone on the study group will get a student membership to Home, the film/theater/music/restaurant complex downtown. Apologies to you Manchester United fans, but Premier League football will not be in season while we’re there.

The city is well connected for trips around Great Britain; nearly all cities are within three hours by train. Manchester is also England’s second air hub, so getting to Europe is easy. It is extremely convenient to the Peak District National Park, for great hiking and seeing the English countryside.

About the U of M

The University of Manchester is a top-tier university, ranked 8th in the United Kingdom. It has 40,000 students (28,000 undergrads and 12,000 grad students), so it is an opportunity to experience a different kind of university. More students apply to Manchester than to any other school in the UK, although 85% of them are turned down. According to one droll wit, Manchester students are mainly “edgy kids, football lads, Love Island hopefuls, true Northerners, and far too many student DJs.”


Students studying hard on Manchester Study Group Students visit Stonehenge on England Study Group

Program Prerequisites

Course Pre-Approval Form, University of Manchester

All students will enroll in three elective courses and two required courses, which are specifically designed to use Manchester’s rich cultural and archival sources and its global importance.

Required Course:

About WRIT 325, “Narrative and New Media”

This is a class with a thesis statement: Every time media changes, narrative changes too. We begin with the invention of writing, and we end with videogames. Much of the class is hands-on. We will handle clay tablets and papyrus scrolls, we will look at medieval manuscripts (the real thing, not facsimiles), we will run an 1826 printing press for a day, and we will spend time at the BBC facilities at Media City UK.

This program satisfies the Global Engagements requirement for Colgate’s Core Curriculum.

Courses at Manchester University:

Students will take three courses from the University of Manchester. Registration will occur in Spring 2019. As with all off-campus courses, students should consult with the director about which courses have received prior credit at Colgate. If a course has not, the director and students will work together to insure the class receives transfer credit before enrollment

Students atop a castle in Wales

Fall Calendars:

The U of M semester does not align perfectly with Colgate’s. Classes there start on Sept. 16, but the study group (and WRIT 325) will begin Sept. 2. U of M exams are in January, so Colgate students make arrangements for alternative final assignments. You will register for classes in Spring 2019, and the study group director and Off Campus Study office will work with you to arrange for transfer credits in advance.

Seniors participating in the Manchester study group will not be eligible to graduate until the following fall semester due to a delay in receiving official transcripts from the University of Manchester. Please ask OCS staff for more information

Living Arrangements

You’ll be housed near the center of campus, with other U of M students (mostly likely in suites of four singles), and living as any other student – taking classes, getting involved in clubs and/or sports, and using all university facilities like everybody else. The dorm has a gym, a squash court, and yes, a pub on the premises.

Selection Criteria and Eligibility

The Manchester Study Group is sponsored by the Division of University Studies and open to all Colgate students. UM requires a GPA of 3.00 for participation. You may gather additional information from the University of Manchester’s website for international students at


For details of student expenses on this study group, please see Student Cost Estimate Sheets.

Calendar and Deadlines

The study group application will open on Wednesday, October 3, 2018, and will close on Wednesday, November 7, 2018. Applications are submitted online at You must have a GPA of 3.0 in order to be considered. All majors are welcome. The faculty director will announce admissions decisions by early January. If you have any questions about the study group, contact Meg Worley (

Passports and Visas

Your passport must be valid through June 2020. All students on the Manchester Study Group will need to get a UK student visa, and you will be responsible for complying with all UK visa requirements. If you will be traveling on a non-US passport, you must get in touch with the Office of Off-Campus Study in order to find out about the regulations, as there can be requirements that take advance planning and possibly extra costs.

Program Dates

Manchester Study Group program dates: Sept. 1-Dec. 20, 2019

Information Sessions

Friday, Oct. 19, 11:30am in 101 McGregory Hall and
Monday, Oct. 22, 4:30pm in 101 McGregory Hall

All students interested in applying should plan to attend one of these sessions.

More Information

For more information, contact Prof. Meg Worley, 213B Lathrop Hall, at 315-228-7713 or

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