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Approved Programs and Semester Balancing

The following statement on semester balancing was issued by the Dean of the College and Dean of the Faculty.
Colgate considers acquisition of an intercultural perspective an important goal of a liberal arts education. We are proud of the strong and extensive programs for off-campus study offered to students and the high rate at which students avail themselves of these opportunities.

A high participation rate, however, must be balanced across semesters in order to maintain the integrity of the on-campus academic program, housing, and student activities.
The university therefore reserves the right to regulate the number of students permitted to study off-campus each semester. Recent years have seen high demand for spring, and it has not been possible to accommodate all requests.

We expect that the majority of students permitted to study on approved programs will be approved for fall. Students who request a fall approved program will be approved by off-campus study on a rolling basis, and should submit the off-campus study application early so that they can apply to their program provider at the start of the spring semester.

Requests for spring approved programs will be considered at the deadline. First priority will be given to students whose study group or program is offered only in that semester. Since most approved programs are available in both fall and spring, students requesting a spring approved program must include a viable fall program option in their application. They should be prepared to apply for admission immediately in the event that they are approved for fall. Students will be notified of permission to participate on an approved program, and which semester, prior to March 1. Failure to include a fall option will not guarantee approval to study off-campus in the spring.

We encourage you to discuss your off-campus study plan with your faculty (major) adviser(s) and an Off-Campus Study adviser soon. Hours for OCS advising and an online appointment scheduler are available on the Off-Campus Study website.


If you have any questions about this policy, please contact the off-campus study office.