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Health and Security Insurance

Colgate University contracts with HTH Worldwide to offer health insurance and assistance to students and faculty. Additional safety and security support is provided by International SOS.

HTH Worldwide

HTH Worldwide provides all Colgate students going on university study groups and extended-study trips with health insurance coverage. Faculty and students traveling on any Colgate-approved program may purchase coverage through HTH at Colgate's group rate, although insurance coverage is included by most approved programs.

Students working through HTH's network of 4,200+ contracted physicians in over 180 countries worldwide generally have no up-front costs or co-pays for covered medical care. HTH additionally provides coverage for medical evacuation, prescription medication, and many other health-related emergency expenses.

More detailed information on the coverage provided, how to sign up for online access to HTH resources once you have received your insurance card, and other details can be found in the following document:

HTH Resources

HTH Worldwide offers a on-call number for emergency assistance, as well as online portals where travelers can access important information about their health plan, search for local medical professionals and care sites, request referrals, and much more, including:
  • A proprietary multidirectional Drug Translation Databasecontaining the brand name equivalents for over 275 common over-the–counter and prescription drugs.
  • A database featuring translations of over 700 Medical Terms and Phrases. It covers the 10 most widely spoken languages. 
  • CityHealth Profiles — online profiles with highly specific, practical health care information for over 233 destinations in 100 countries outside the United States.
Requesting Emergency Assistance
To contact HTH Worldwide Assistance Services in the event of an emergency, call: +1-610-254-8771 (collect calls are accepted).

If calling from the United States, HTH also offers a toll-free number: 1-800-257-4823.

Please be aware that any event occurring when a student is within the territory of his/her home country is not covered.
Online Portals
For Students:
Once you receive your HTH card from your study group director, you may sign up for HTH Students and begin researching local doctors, creating your own medical contingency plans, and accessing all the tools that HTH has to offer to keep you well prepared in the event of a medical emergency.

For Parents:
You may use HTH Parents to access all the same health and safety information that is available, so you can help your enrolled students prepare to travel.

International SOS

Colgate University contracts with International SOS to provide worldwide assistance and evacuation services for all study-abroad participants and overseas travelers.

Before and during your time abroad, we advise that you review up-to-date reports on safety and security, health issues, medical care, and vaccination requirements for the country where you will be studying. These are available on the SOS website.
SOS Portal
The Colgate SOS Portal contains an online Personal Travel Record for inputting information on your travel during your period abroad.

We strongly encourage all travelers to complete the form so that this information is available to SOS and Colgate University should you need to be located in the event of a crisis or emergency. If your travel plans change, remember to update the information on the Travel Record.

You can access the Colgate SOS Portal by logging on using the Colgate member number 11BSGC000073.
Although SOS offers our students and the Colgate community security advice and services, SOS is not health insurance. Students with medical concerns should work through HTH Worldwide for referrals and medical assistance.