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Program Costs and Financial Aid

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Program Costs

Colgate study groups: You will be invoiced for Colgate tuition plus a program fee that covers housing, field trips, insurance and other mandatory program-related charges. Please refer to your estimated student budget for a detailed breakdown of billable expenses.

Approved programs: You will be invoiced for Colgate tuition plus the cost of any room and board billed by your approved program sponsor. In rare instances, you will be billed for visa costs paid through the program provider.  Colgate will pay your approved program sponsor on your behalf.  Please refer to your estimated approved program budget for a breakdown of billable expenses.

Extended study courses: Please refer to the extended study estimated student budget for a detailed breakdown of billable expenses on Extended Study courses.

Additional expenses: In addition to tuition and other charges billed by Colgate, you should also anticipate additional out-of-pocket expenses (e.g., meals not covered by board, daily incidentals, local transportation, books, vaccinations, airfare, etc.) when planning a budget for the semester. You can find estimates for out-of-pocket expenses on each Estimated Budget or Approved Program Cost Estimate. If estimates for the semester you will be away are not yet available, check cost estimates for the previous year's program to get an idea of the likely costs.

Estimated expenses do not include discretionary personal spending on travel, souvenirs, entertainment and so on. Consider your own resources and spending habits as well as the cost of living in the country you will be studying in to finalize a realistic budget for the semester.

Please keep in mind that when all expenses are considered, a semester off-campus may cost more than a semester at Colgate, especially in high cost-of-living countries.

Financial Aid Policies

Colgate grant recipients may receive additional financial assistance to meet the increased costs of study on one Colgate Study Group or Approved Program, and one Colgate-directed extended study program.  Financial aid is not available to seniors for extended study courses extending beyond the end of the spring semester.

Financial aid for off-campus study is awarded on the same basis as when studying on campus; it is based off of your Estimated Family Contribution (EFC).  Your EFC for the semester of off-campus study is the same as it would be for study on the Colgate campus.  Institutional grant assistance is awarded to meet extra costs of off-campus study after loans have been increased to the maximum eligibility level. Please contact the Financial Aid Office for more detailed information.

Students who are not currently receiving aid from Colgate should consult the Office of Financial Aid to learn about their eligibility for loans to meet extra cost of off-campus study.

External Scholarships for Off-Campus Study

External scholarships and grants are available for off-campus study. Advance planning is critical when considering outside scholarships. We recommend that you make an appointment to speak with an off-campus study adviser about external scholarship programs early in your sophomore year.