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RELG 327 – The Islamic Heritage in Turkey

Spring 2006

Director: Professor Omid Safi

This is a term-long course, culminating in a three-week study tour in Turkey. The reading course focuses on medieval and contemporary understandings of Islam in Turkey, paying particularly close attention to the manifestations of Islamic Mysticism (Sufism) in Turkey.

The study tour will focus on the city of Istanbul (ancient Constantinople), considered among the most impressive and beautiful of ancient cities, and a meeting place of East and West. During the time in Istanbul, lectures will be given by prominent Turkish scholars of Islam and Islamic history.

The tour will culminate in a visit to the sacred pilgrimage site of Konya, the burial place of the much-revered Rumi.


It is strongly suggested that students complete some coursework dealing with the Islamic tradition before taking this class. Permission of the instructor is required.