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Extended study to New Mexico, Santa Fe

NAST 300 – Continuity in Pueblo Communities, Santa Fe, N.M.

Director Spring 2005: Professor Sarah Wider

This course focuses on the words from people within the pueblos.

We listen to a variety of voices — poets, storytellers, educators, artists — as we seek to understand interdependence and the vital interconnections across past and present within the specific places that hold meaning over time.

Given the cultural differences that historically have divided the dominant culture (first Spanish, then American) from the home cultures it came to dominate, we examine the many obstacles to developing cross-cultural understanding and evaluate current models (through the arts and through exchange programs) that seek to develop such understanding.

An extended study component based out of Santa Fe, N.M., will continue our evaluation of models for cross-cultural understanding.

For three weeks in late May into early June, students will be working with specific programs at either Cochiti or Tesuque Pueblo (for example, developing creative writing workshops for the youth, working with the community health representatives on exercise initiatives, conducting sports clinics for middle and high school students).

In addition, we will visit many of the places we have talked about during the semester: Bandelier, Old Cochiti, Chaco Canyon.

There are no prerequisites for this course, which is open to all classes. Students interested in taking this course for English major credit (post-1800) should focus their semester project as well as their extended study work on a literary topic.