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Extended Study to India

RELG 326: Far from Thy Valley: Colgate’s Contributions to Northeast India

On-campus class followed by an optional three weeks in India

Director: Professor John Carter, Department of Religion
On-campus course: Fall 2009
Tentative travel dates: December 29, 2009 - January 20, 2010
Course credit for RELG 326: One credit
Course credit for Extended Study component (RELG 326E): Half credit (.5)
Prerequisites: Permission of the instructor

Since its founding in 1819, as the Hamilton Literary and Theological Institute, graduates from what came to be known as Madison University and today, internationally, as Colgate University, have made magnificent contributions in Myanmar (Burma), in India (among the states of Northeast India and among the Telegus of south central India), and in China. This course will focus on two major states of Northeast India: Assam and Maghalaya, and the contributions made there which led to the presence of theological colleges, schools, and churches. The focal lenses for these considerations will be the lives of Miles Bronson and P.H. Moore and others, in Guwahati, Nagaon, and Jorhat Assam, and Marcus Mason, Elnathan Phillips (19th century) and Frederic William Harding (early 20th century) in Tura, Meghalaya.

This course will have an optional off-campus component in which students will have the opportunity of visiting Guwahati, Shillong, Nagaon, and Jorhat (for about two weeks) and Tura (about one week) to see the vibrant results of the efforts of Colgate alumni in these areas, before briefly seeing points of interest in and around Delhi at the close of the program in India.