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Extended Study to Egypt

MIST 251 – Living Egypt (pending approval)
On-campus class, Fall 2012, Monday and Wednesdays 1:30 -2:35, followed by three weeks in Egypt

Director: Noor Khan
On-campus Course: Fall 2012
Extended Study Dates: December 26, 2012 - January 17, 2013
Course Credit: One course credit for both semester seminar and Extended Study
Application procedures: Applications are due Friday, April 6, 2012

As the most populous Arab country and the cultural capital of the modern Arab world, it is not surprising that Egypt has emerged as a spiritual center of sorts for what is being called the Arab Spring. It is not possible to understand the tide of change taking place in the region without some understanding of the specificities of the Egyptian experience; both its similarities and its differences with its neighbors makes Egypt a good vantage point to understand how the 21st century is unfolding in the Middle East. The Middle East and Islamic Civilizations Program will be offering a new course, MIST 2xx: Living Egypt, to give students the background, academic, and experiential learning to understand the context of what is happening in the region in this historic era.

Mist 2xx: Living Egypt, will be offered in the fall of 2012 on MW 1:20-2:35. There are no prerequisites but students will be required to be concurrently enrolled in Arabic (any level). The course will include a half-credit Extended Study Group to Egypt from Dec. 26, 2012 to Jan. 17, 2013. All instruction will be in English with the exception of meetings with local “language partners,” who will be assigned to each student upon arrival and who will serve as cultural informants as well. While some famous ancient sites will – of course – be visited, the emphasis of the course will be on Egypt’s history and culture in the modern era, and how these inform current issues in the country and the region.

Applications for the course are due to by April 6, 2012. Please note – students in MIST 2xx must also be enrolled in an Arabic course in Fall 2012. All else being equal, preference will be given to declared MIST minors. The applicants will be told on April 13 if they have been accepted, and must confirm this by the 17th.

Please obtain a standard Extended Study Application from Professor Khan or from Off-Campus Study.