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Extended Study to Cuba

CORE 198: Cuba: History, Culture and Life
Director: Laura Klugherz, Prof. of Music and Africana and Latin American Studies
On-campus course: Core 198 “Cuba”  (pre-requisite)
Tentative travel dates: 12/27/18—1/15/19
: Havana, Trinidad, Cienfuegos, Matanzas
Course credit: .5
Prerequisites: Core Cuba, and the equivalent of two semesters of college Spanish (as determined by the instructor)
Applications available from:
Applications due: Fall Extended Study: March 30, 2018


Cuba, with a population of approximately 11.5 million inhabitants, is the largest island in the Caribbean. Since the early 1500s, strategically located Havana (population 2.1 million) has been a global center of trade, immigration and culture. Today Cuba represents a complex culture that was shaped by Africans (through the slave trade), European and indigenous influences. Once a thriving destination for US tourists, Cuba was essentially closed to US citizens from 1959 until 2014 when Presidents Obama and Raul Castro initiated some reforms and loosening of previous travel restrictions.

Students in “Cuba: History, Culture and Life” will extend their Core 198 Cuba experience with activities, lectures, excursions and discussions. They will explore Havana as a global city since the 1600’s through visitation of historical museums, guest lectures, and attendance at (and possible participation in) musical performances. Excursions will include two colonial cities, a sugar central, tobacco vega, and a farm that provides food for Havana. Cultural immersion is facilitated through lodging provided by casas particulares, as well as through meals at the casas and paladares (private family eating establishments).