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Chorus Extended Study to Estonia, Finland, and Russia

Director: R. Ryan Endris, Director of Choral & Vocal Activities
On-campus course: MUSI-234/334 University Chorus I/II
Tentative travel dates: May 20 – June 1, 2019
Destinations: Estonia (Tallinn & Keila), Finland (Helsinki), Russia (St. Petersburg & Moscow)
Course credit: 0.25 cr


The University Chorus will be touring the countries of Estonia, Finland, and Russia, with performances in the cities of Tallinn and Keila (Estonia), Helsinki (Finland), and St. Petersburg and Moscow (Russia), each of which offers a unique insight into the cultures of their respective countries. All three of these countries have rich musical traditions, especially Estonia and Russia, and Colgate University students will have the opportunity not only to perform, but also to participate in cultural exchanges with college students in each of the countries.

Prior to the trip, students will engage in six two-hour meetings that prepare them both musically and culturally for the extended study. While on the concert tour, students will present at least six public performances with preceding rehearsals, as well as learn from visits to sites of historical/cultural significance and from cultural exchanges with local universities. Possible exchanges/joint concerts include the Tallinn Technical University Mens Chorus; Äänis, the International Student Choir of Helsinki; the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture Concert Choir; and the Schnittke Moscow State Institute of Music Choir.


Interested students should email Prof. Endris by August 28, 2018 to schedule their audition.

Successful participation in the Colgate University Chorus in both the fall 2018 and spring 2019 semesters. Students who are studying abroad in the fall of 2018 but participated in the chorus in the spring of 2018 are still eligible. Admittance to the Colgate University Chorus is by audition (email Dr. Endris at to schedule an audition). Students may elect, but are not required, to take MUSI-234 or -334 for credit during the 2018-19 academic year.

Withdrawal Fees

Due to contracting with a tour provider (ACFEA), this extended study program has a specific withdrawal fee timeline.

Estimated program cost of $3,855 will be added to the Colgate student account around November 12, 2018. If a participant withdraws from this program after committing, the student would receive a refund minus the withdrawal fees listed below:

Before November 30: $1,000 program withdrawal fee

Before December 20: $1,900 program withdrawal fee

Before February 20: $2,400 program withdrawal fee

Before March 20: $2,900 program withdrawal fee

On/After March 20: No Refund