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Extended Study to Argentina

ENG 350(ES): PBA Performing through Buenos Aires

Director: April Sweeney (Assistant Professor of English in the University Theater)
On-campus course: ENG 350 Theater Practicum: PBA Performing through Buenos Aires
Tentative travel dates: May 11 - June 2, 2013
Course credit: Half credit (.5) 


Students will be asked to submit an application with one faculty reference and will also be asked to state their interest in the course and what specifically ENG 350(ES) will add to their academic and cultural pursuits. The prerequisites for the course will include at least one THTR course (with the exception of ENG 250 Stagecraft) and at least four semesters of college-level Spanish (with a minimum grade of B) or the equivalent to be completed before the departure to Buenos Aires. Each student must enroll in ENG 350 and be passing the course with a minimum grade of C+ at the time of departure.
Application deadline: November 1, 2012 


ENG 350 Theater Practicum PBA: Performing through Buenos Aires - 1 credit

ENG 350 is a revolving practicum course whose content is defined by the faculty member's interest and expertise. The class is an upper-level performance course focusing on process. May 2013 the class will be focused as an acting course where the material and texts to be worked with will consist of performance texts (plays), and critical and analytical texts of contemporary Argentine theater artists from the last thirty years (1983-2013). The texts will be in translation; however, the students will also view several performances of distinct companies and artists (via DVD) in Spanish. As in all our upper-level performance classes on theater, the cap for the class will be 12 students.

ENG 350(ES) Practicum PBA: Performing through Buenos Aires - 1/2 credit

The extended study portion of ENG 350 is designed to be a short-term, three-week total immersion experience in Argentina that provides the students with encounters on three levels: language, culture, and theater. Students will spend time viewing live theater productions, participate in a theater workshop with a local theater artist(s), and engage in an intensive Spanish language class. The extended study is integral to ENG 350, as it will provide the opportunity for synthesis of the entire experience actively on site in Buenos Aires.
Extended Study Argentina August 2012