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Approved Programs

With over 100 programs in 50 countries, approved programs enrich our portfolio of offerings and expand the possibilities for students with diverse academic interests and goals.
Three Colgate students in blue Moroccan garb

Approved Programs

Approved Programs play an important part in Colgate’s international education offerings, providing options in a wide range of locations as well as different program models. Programs have been carefully evaluated by Colgate faculty for curricular fit, academic rigor, on-site support services, emergency management, and opportunities for meaningful engagement with the host culture. Only programs that are on Colgate's list are approved for off-campus study.

Approved Program Language Requirement

As a way of ensuring an immersive study abroad experience, students participating on approved programs that are hosted in a non-English speaking country or in a country in which English is one of many official languages are required to take at least one language class in that program's native language or one course taught in a local language other than English during the program.

Please consult the Off-Campus Study website for a list of language requirements for each country.

Ordinarily, exceptions will not be granted.

(effective Fall 2019)


Approved Program application is a two-step process. You will submit:
  1. Colgate's Application to Participate on an Approved Program; and,
  2. the approved program provider's application, available online through the program website.
The process requires thought, but it is not complicated, and OCS advisers are available to help guide you through the application process.

Special Contact Information

A few Approved Programs have special contacts on campus. Specific information about these programs is available from the faculty members listed below who act as each program's on-campus contact.

Transfer Credit Process for Approved Programs