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Undergraduate Scholars Programs

These programs are designed to enrich campus by providing extraordinary opportunities for intellectual, social, cultural, and community engagement.
Students in these programs often set the standard for achievement and involvement by conducting independent research, serving as leaders in student clubs and organizations, integrating living and learning experiences, or traveling to remote parts of the globe, then using their experience to enrich campus.

Colgate currently offers three scholars programs, each with a different design and purpose:
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The Alumni Memorial Scholars

Honoring the 166 Colgate alumni who sacrificed their lives in the World Wars, the AMS program emphasizes growth and enrichment in four spheres: intellectual, social, cultural, and civic engagement. Prominent in the AMS student experience is the opportunity to receive grants, up to a total of $6,000, that can be used for independent research, academic conference attendance, and internships. Alumni Memorial Scholars are selected during the university admission process.
AMS students met with alumni at Christie's in New York.

The Benton Scholars

The Benton Scholars Program was developed as a model for how a liberal arts education can prepare students to think, act, and create in a world that is increasingly diverse and global. As a group, Benton Scholars explore carefully selected global issues — from political power, to economics, to environmental degradation, to technological disruption. They are challenged intellectually, academically, personally, and professionally. Benton Scholars are selected during the university admission process.
Benton Scholars during a trip to Washington, DC.

Sophomore Residential Seminars

Students in the Sophomore Residential Seminars (SRS) program live and study together in Drake Hall, meet regularly with their seminar professors in an exclusive classroom, and engage in an embedded academic travel experience related to the course at no extra charge. Current first-years may apply to join in January to join the program in the following academic year.
SRS students at the Beattie Reserve's low ropes course.


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