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Consider Applying for a Fellowship or Scholarship

For almost every student, the process of applying to prestigious national scholarships (with the prospect of becoming a recipient) has a number of practical and intangible benefits. 
Receiving a national fellowship or scholarship opens up incredible opportunities for growth and learning. Regardless of whether you receive an award though, just the process of applying can be a valuable growth experience.

Engaging in this process may:
  • Help one develop a sharper set of presentation and professional skills
  • Promote a greater understanding of oneself and others
  • Lead to greater self-confidence and self-efficacy
  • Promote a period of unequalled intellectual growth
  • Lead to specific payoffs – becoming more competitive for graduate programs and the employment marketplace
  • Provide a unique opportunity to study in places and contexts, and with a degree of freedom from financial or career considerations, that might otherwise be unavailable