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Past Fellowship, Scholarship, and Grant Recipients

Each year, we have a number of students receiving a variety of national fellowships, scholarships, and grants. If you are considering applying, you may find it helpful to explore their examples. 
Andrew Kostic '08

Applied in Academic Year 2012–2013

(More recipients will be announced soon!)

Critical Language Scholarship (CLS)
The CLS is a program of the U.S. Department of State. It offers intensive summer language institutes in 13 critical foreign languages.

David Esber '13 - Arabic
"This summer, I will be studying Arabic in a country in North Africa or the Middle East as a recipient of the Critical Language Scholarship (CLS) program.
David Esber '13 CLS Recipient
After meeting and networking with CLS participants and alumni in the Washington, D.C., orientation, I will join a study program in Oman, Egypt, Jordan, or Morocco to push my fluency with Arabic toward a diplomatic level. To more fully immerse myself with the language and culture, I plan to stay with a host family. As a Peace and Conflict Studies major, I relish this opportunity to extend my proficiency in Arabic as I prepare for a career in International Relations focusing, hopefully, on some aspect of the Middle East."
Coco Vonnegut '13 - Hindi
"This summer, I will be in Jaipur, India, on a Critical Language Scholarship to study Hindi. In addition, I will meet prominent academics and officials from local institutes.
Coco Vonnegut '13 CLS Recipient
I am so excited to return to India and build upon everything I've learned at Colgate. India has been my regional focus of the Asian Studies major at Colgate and I am currently working on a thesis about nationalism and Calendar art. I greatly look forward to continuing that work by completing the short Independent Study facilitated by the program."

Watson Fellowship

The Watson Fellowship is a $25,000 award for independent exploration and travel on a topic of interest to you outside the United States for one year after college graduation.

Srikar Gullapalli '13
I have been fascinated with the political dialogue between citizens and government since I began representing at international debates. I was selected as a "Global Changemaker" by the British Council because I believe dialogue is essential for government to be a force of good.

Srikar Gullapalli '13 

As a Watson Fellow, I will travel to Australia, Venezuela, United Kingdom, Egypt, and Russia. I wish to understand local political accountability structures and local citizen-government relationships at the city and community level in drastically different governance contexts. The local level is most important for public welfare and where most corruption and inefficiency occurs. This is the level that citizens can hold accountable and have the most impact on through political dialogue and innovations in social activism. I will conduct interviews of citizens, NGOs, media, local officials, and politicians. I will be a part of town halls and protest rallies, and will engage with students.

Rebekah Ward '13
Besides my passion for social justice, I have an academic and personal fixation on communication and identity. I have a pressing need to work to ensure equality and to fight for the rights of marginalized people.

Rebekah Ward '13

Roma ("Gypsies") are one of the most widespread minorities in the world. They have no nation or homeland, and have a history of marginalization across the globe. Since childhood, the Roma story has guided my passion for social justice. As a Watson Fellow, I will travel across Europe and then to Brazil, where a recent wave of Roma have settled, attempting to understand how Roma groups communicate their culture and how the tensions and challenges of this endeavor vary depending on state laws and rhetoric. I will also meet with Roma activists globally to learn what drives their dedication.

NIH Intramural Research Training Award (IRTA)

The IRTA provides an opportunity for developmental training and practical research experience in a variety of disciplines related to biomedical research, medical library research, and related fields. 

Brian Lemanski '14

DAAD Summer Course Grant

This program funds a three- to four-week summer course at a German university which focuses mainly on German language and literary, cultural, political, and economic aspects of modern and contemporary Germany. 

Christopher Wendt '13

American India Foundation (AIF) Clinton Fellowship

This fellowship offers 10 months of field work in India to gain knowledge of development on the ground in fields of education, livelihoods, public health, and social enterprise. 

Coco Vonnegut '13

Applied in Academic Year 2011–2012

The U.S. Student Fulbright Grant Program

One year to study, conduct research, or teach in one of 150 countries

Kathryn David '12 - Ukraine
Katie’s research project is titled “Rebuilding Jewish Community in Odessa.” Odessa is historically recognized as an intellectual, cultural, and religious center for the world Jewish community. Through immersion within the community, contacts at the Odessa Literary Museum and Moria archives, and a formal affiliation with I.I. Menchikov Odessa National University, Katie will research and examine how the Jewish community is rebuilding itself after the fall of the Soviet Union. She is a history and Russian studies double major from Baltimore, Maryland.

Andrew Lorraine '12 - Slovakia
Andrew will teach at the secondary level, helping students develop their writing and conversational skills as well as an understanding of American culture through an engaging and interactive classroom. During his Fulbright year, Andrew plans to explore his own Slovakian heritage while learning about the history and geography of the Slovak Republic. He is a political science major from Penllyn, Pennsylvania.

Lauren Shively '11 - Taiwan
Lauren will teach English language and American studies, and in turn gain a greater understanding of Taiwan’s educational system and culture. She embraces the grant as a cross-cultural exchange, with plans to fully integrate herself into the community for which she is placed through educational and extracurricular experiences. She is an English major and history minor from Wayland, Massachusetts.

Josh Smeltzer '12 - Germany
Josh will teach English at a German High School where he plans to focus on using experiential learning to add an interactive dimension in the classroom. Josh will extend his own learning and gain a deeper understanding of German history and culture through full immersion within the community. He hopes to create or join a book club and volunteer. He is a peace and conflict studies major and German minor from Hillsboro, Oregon.

French Ministry of Education

One year French Government teaching assistantship in France initiated through the Fulbright application process

Catherine Murray '12 - France

Catie plans to serve as a resource to students as they advance their English language skills and learn about American culture. She is eager to start an English club where students can practice their language skills outside of the formal classroom. As an ETA, Catie wishes to contribute to the increased global understanding of her students. She is a peace & conflict studies and French double major from Lancaster, New York.