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Information Sessions and Events

Throughout the academic year, there are a number of information sessions about national fellowships and scholarships.

From general presentations by Dean Germain that introduce students to these awards and cover what it takes to write a competitive application, to reflections by Colgate students and alumni who received these fellowships and scholarships about their experiences through the application processes, these events are a great resource as you begin to consider these wonderful opportunities.


Thursday, August 29, 5:15pm
101 Ho Science Center, Meyerhoff Auditorium
National Fellowship and Scholarship Information Session

“Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.” — Carl Sagan.
Meet Dean Germain and discover opportunities for exploration, study, and research through nationally competitive fellowships and scholarships for which you can apply as a sophomore, junior, senior, or alumna/us.

Individual Appointments

If you are interested in exploring fellowships and scholarships, especially if you have a concrete application in mind, please call 315-228-6224 to schedule an individual appointment with Dr. Kim Germain, the Assistant Dean for Fellowship Advising. Meetings can be arranged in person or via phone or Skype. It is never too early to start getting advice about your application.
Ruben Leavitt '08, Schupf