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Elements of your Proposal

I. Objective

In this section, you must present and describe the project that you plan to pursue. We need to know the who, what, where, when, and why of your anticipated research or experience. Include what you will be doing and the questions you will address in your project; why this project is important; where will this project take place; why that location is appropriate; what are the necessary facilities, which resources or approvals are needed for your project; when will you be there; with whom will you be affiliated or interacting with; the names of your contacts and their relevancy; describe your communication with the individuals or organizations with whom you will work. (Please attach to the application a brochure or website pages for any organization you will be affiliated with, which must include the organizations contact information.)

II. Methodology

This is where you describe how you will complete your research or experience. Describe what you plan to do in this project; the specific activities and/or methods you will use to complete your project; your documentation and recording of the project; who will be involved – people or organizations – in your research or experience; what equipment and supplies you will need.

How will the project progress? What activities and methods will you undertake that will help you find answers to the questions you have posed? Will you administer questionnaires? Make specific observations, measurements, etc? Interview people? Keep a journal with detailed personal responses to specific topics, events, etc.? Who will be involved? Who will fill out your questionnaire or participate in your interviews? What instruments, equipment, or supplies will you need to make your observations? Do you need approval from the IRB?

III. Itinerary and Timeline

In this section please provide details on when you will be going and a through timeline on when you will be departing, where you will be and what you will be doing each day of the journey, and when you will be returning. Include all of the destinations within the country(ies) you will be traveling, the type of transportation you will be using while traveling, and an explanation of where you will be staying overnight (hotel, homestay, etc.).

IV. Travel, Health, and Safety

Travel, health and safety factors must be addressed, even if a country is not on the warning or alert list, and even if the project is in the United States. This section should include detailed information on transportation, phone communication access, emergency plans, medical resources, pre-departure vaccinations and medications.

Review the attached handout on Travel to High-Risk Destinations; consult the State Department and Travel Warning List and review the State Department Country-Specific Information Sheets and Travel Alerts for any projects that will take you outside of the United States.
  • If your project proposal would take you outside of the United States to a country that has a United States Department of State WARNING or ALERT, you must address the significance of your project within the facets of the safety and security issues within the objectives; and be extremely detailed on your itinerary and timeline.

  • A country may not have a Travel Warning, yet 'significant risks' may be described within the Country-Specific Information Sheets and Travel Alerts for which you will have to be very detailed on your itinerary and timeline.

V. Project Outcomes

Describe what you will do with the information you obtain from your project.

VI. Qualifications and Reference Materials

Share with us your qualifications and background that you bring to this project.
Provide a description of academic and logistical steps taken to prepare for the fellowship. Also, please include a reference list of readings that you have and will undertake to prepare for the fellowship.

What skills, experience, knowledge, and interests will help you carry out your project? Describe how you are qualified. Examples include:

  • Relevant course work.
  • Foreign language skills.
  • Experience devising and administering a questionnaire, conducting oral interviews.
  • Experience with necessary laboratory or collection techniques.
  • Experience completing an independent research project.
  • Relevant experiences living, working, and/or studying abroad.
  • Relevant work experience or co-curricular experiences.

VII. Faculty Involvement

Tell us about the faculty that have served as advisors and/or mentors for you, as you plan this project proposal.

What is your relationship to them – academic advisor, courses, study abroad, research advisor, etc.; what is their involvement or contribution to your proposal idea; describe some of the conversations you have had with them. How can they support you while finishing your fellowship plans and while on the journey? 

VIII. Significance of the Project Grant and the Educational Outcomes

Describe how the AMS Project Grant affects your ability to accomplish your project.

Please share how this project contributes to your Colgate academic experience and curriculum. How will this project foster future educational goals and what do you hope to personally gain from the experience. Is it connected to an Honors project or senior research?

IX. Funding Statement

Please provide a statement indicating whether a part or all of the proposal is being submitted for any other research funding at Colgate or elsewhere.