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Youngsun Cho '13

A Phonetics-Focused Immersion Study of Cantonese in Hong Kong, China
Class posing with books and gifts
Over the course of three weeks, Youngsun completed a total of 36 hours of one-on-one Cantonese lessons with multiple instructors at the Hong Kong Language Learning Center (HKLLC). Her project was an immersion study of Cantonese, a dialect of Chinese, with the goal of mastering the tones and pronunciations of the language.
Youngsun Cho '13 posing with her host family

On Staying with a Host Family

"My host family is very nice. Through holiday gatherings they introduced me to their extended family too, all of whom were so welcoming! Although I came here by myself not knowing anybody around, I have spent hardly a day all by myself - and meeting locals through locals, I have been practicing my Cantonese religiously, and I am actually learning a lot faster than I thought I would.I have completed the 28 class hours out of the total 36 scheduled hours. I only wish I could stay and study for a longer time." - Youngsun