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Theater Facilities and Venues

The theater program at Colgate is fortunate to have a flexible theater space available for both student and professional productions.

Dana Arts Center

The center is a strikingly unique building designed by architect Paul Rudolph, and it serves as a focal point for the arts on campus. It houses Brehmer Theater, the Department of MusicPicker Art Gallery, a sculpture garden on its roof, and musical practice and instruction rooms.

Brehmer Theater

Colgate’s major theater productions are held at Brehmer, a proscenium theater with a slight thrust to the apron of its stage. It has a capacity of 336, with slightly more than half of that at orchestra level, and the rest at balcony level. Each year, Brehmer hosts up to 10 theater productions, as well as concerts and lecture events. See the campus calendar for all upcoming campus events.

Seating arrangements are flexible. Productions have been in full round, 3/4 round, in an alley structure, and a proscenium-like arrangement.

Performances are also given in the “Little Brehmer,” which provides a more intimate relationship between audience and performers, as both are located on the main stage.

Brehmer Theater is located in the Dana Arts Center. Find it on our campus map.
Brehmer Theater in the Dana Arts Center