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Physics and Astronomy Seminars and Events

Each semester we host a number of academic seminars and events that expand upon and enrich our classroom.

Fall 2013 Seminars

Seminars begin at 11:30 a.m. in the Meyerhoff Auditorium (101 Ho Science Center). More details will be added to this schedule as they become available throughout the semester.

September 3 - Welcome to Physics & Astronomy and Summer Research Poster Session

September 10 - Cliff Johnson, University of Washington, "The PHAT Survey: Obtaining a Detailed View of Star Clusters and Stellar Populations in M31"

September 17 - Summer Research Symposium for Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics. Representing the Physics & Astronomy Department: Shreeya Khadka '14, "Modeling Coupled Biological Neurons using Superconducting Circuitry"

September 24 - Summer Research Student Talks: Kory Beach '15, "Exploring Complex Modes of Polarization"; Jackson Angonga '15, "Parametric Analysis of the Josephson Junction Neuron"; Matthew LeGro '15, "Oscillatory Synchronization in Josephson Junctions"; Claire Freehafer '15, "An All-Sky Camera for Geography and Astronomy"; Brian Regan '15, Polarization Changes of Light Reflecting Off of Sea Shells"

October 1 - Paul Cadden-Zimansky, Bard College, "The New Two-Dimensional Universe of Graphene"

October 8 - Cherice Stevens, Queens College-CUNY, "Quasi-free electron energy in dense fluids: Evolution of experimental and theoretical techniques"

October 15 - Fall recess (no seminar scheduled)

October 22 - Summer Research Student Talks (Visualization Lab - Ho 401) - “Student Creations in a Dome for All Disciplines”

October 29 - Jeff Carlin, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, "The Galactic Food Chain: Using Stellar Substructures to Examine the Diet of the Milky Way"

November 5 - Christopher Wilson, University of Ottawa, "Creating Light from the Vacuum: The Dynamical Casimir Effect"

November 12
- Kelly Henderson '09

November 26 - Thanksgiving Week (no seminar scheduled)