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Physics and Astronomy Seminars and Events

Each semester we host a number of academic seminars and events that expand upon and enrich our classroom.

Fall 2015 - Spring 2016 Seminars

Seminars begin at 11:30 a.m. in the Meyerhoff Auditorium (101 Ho Science Center) - unless specified otherwise. More details will be added to this schedule as they become available throughout the semester.

September 1

Welcome to Physics & Astronomy and Summer Research Poster Session

September 8

Summer Research Symposium for Division of Natural Sciences & Mathematics. Representing the Physics & Astronomy Department is Sean Foster '16

September 15

Student Meet and Greet Hour, (to be held in Lathrop 207)

September 22

What to do with a Physics & Astronomy major? A Department Discussion

September 29

David Bercovici, Professor of Geophysics, Yale University, (joint with Geology) "Trembling and Choking in Volcanic Eruptions"

October 6

Nate Tompkins, Assistant Director of Research and Education, Brandeis University, "How the Leopard Got Its Spots: Testing Turing's Theory of Morphogenesis in Chemical Cells" 

October 13

Fall recess (no seminar scheduled)

October 20

Prof. Tom Balonek, Physics & Astronomy, "30 Years at the Foggy Bottom Observatory", (to be held in Lathrop 207)

October 27

Glen Cook, Chief Scientist, Corning Museum of Glass, "Stranger in a Welcoming Land: Glass Science at the Corning Museum of Glass" (joint with Geology)

November 3

Bjoern Schenke, Brookhaven National Laboratory, "Extremely Hot Fundamental Matter: How Viscous was the Early Universe?" (to be held in Lathrop 207)

November 10

Katherine Brown, Physics Department, Hamilton College, "Fractals and the Drip Paintings of Jackson Pollock"

November 17

David Eng '10, Graduate Research Assistant, Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Delaware, "Organic Electro-Optic Modulators for Microwave Photonic Systems" (to be held in Lathrop 207)

December 8 

Cosmin Ilie, Postdoctoral Research Associate at UNC, Chapel Hill, "Dark Stars, Observable with the James Webb Space Telescope"

January 19

Joseph Goodwill, University of Massachusetts Amherst, Appropriate Technology for Water Treatment and Sanitation: An Environmental Imperative

January 26

Patrick Bunton, William Jewell College, Liberty MO, The Liberal Arts, Technology, and Human Development: What we think we know? What we think we can do?

February 2 

Linda Tseng, UCLA, Radiocarbon Dating of Municipal Wastewater: Effect on Greenhouse Gas Emission Quantification"

February 9 

Michael Lam, Cornell University, Gravitational Wave Astronomy with Pulsar Timing Arrays

February 16 

John Bay, Cyber Research Institute, Cyber Security Research: Opportunities and Trends

March 1 

Laura Nuttall, Syracuse University, Gravitational Waves: A New Era in Astronomy

March 8

Rebecca Metzler, Colgate University, Composition and Structure of Oyster Cement Provides Unique Materials Properties

March 22 

Kathy-Anne Brickman Soderberg, Air Force Research Lab, Towards Quantum Networking: Interfacing Trapped Ions and Photons

March 29 

Catherine Jahncke, St. Lawrence University, Near-field Optical Microscopy and Polarimetry on Barium Titanate Nano-particles

April 5 

Derek Nussbaum-Wagler, Shadyside Academy, Congrats on your science degree! Now what?

April 12 

Andrew Abraham, The Aerospace Corporation, Space Debris: A Short Primer