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Off-Campus Study in International Relations

We strongly encourage international relations students to expand their perspectives by pursuing an off-campus or study-abroad opportunity. Check out some of these great opportunities Colgate has to offer, including the IR program to Geneva.
View of the UN building and landmine monument in Geneva

Colgate Semester Programs

Our off-campus study office offers full-semester off-campus study opportunities all over the world. In these programs, you will travel, live, and study with your Colgate classmates and a Colgate faculty adviser whilst simultaneously immersing yourself in the culture of your temporary home.

As an international relations (IR) student, the following semester study groups (their focuses indicated in parentheses) may be of particular interest to you:

Extended Study Programs

Some courses across disciplines include an extended study opportunity in which course participants continue the class off campus for two or three weeks at the conclusion of the semester. Check out the current extended study opportunities from all departments.

Colgate-affiliated Programs

As a university, we also are directly affiliated with several other off-campus study programs you may find interesting. Check out all affiliated off-campus study programs.