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Geology Concentrators

Our students are an important part of our department, working side by side with faculty in classrooms and on research, while also enjoying downtime together after a day of field camp or at a department event.
Geology students posing like a 'rock band' in the field with shovels and equipment

Current Concentrators

Class of 2017

  • Austin Anderson (minor) 
  • Hannah Bercovici
  • Alex Campbell
  • Aurelia Casarrubias
  • Zachary Cleary (minor)
  • Taylor Dawson
  • Brett Field
  • Graceanne Howard
  • Katherine Karnes (astro. geo.)
  • Troy Kelly (minor)
  • Oleg Kozel
  • Jackson Lucas
  • Jake Mahr
  • Jonathan Miller
  • Taylor Mooney
  • Kaylie Patacca (minor)
  • Ciara Pettinos
  • Matthew Quinan
  • Andy Sia
  • Natalie Smith
  • Victor Steffen (freshwater sci.)
  • Nathan Taylor
  • Glenna Thomas (env. geol.)
  • Ellis Van Slyke
  • McKenna Valley (minor)
  • Francesca Viola (minor)
  • Veronica Vriesman
Geology award winners 2017

Student Award Winners 2017 (Back L to R: Jake Mahr, Prof. William Peck,  Andy Sia, Oleg Kozel, Front L to R: Hannah Berkovici, Isabel Dove, Megan Duffy, Taylor Dawson)

Class of 2018

  • Julia Barcello 
  • Andrew Bianco (minor)
  • Sean Corrigan (astro. geo.)
  • Seamus Crowley
  • Lily Daggett
  • Muriel Drexler (astro. geo.)
  • Megan Duffy
  • Megan Emch (astro. geo.)
  • Lillian Ganske (freshwater sci.)
  • Michael Harvey (minor)
  • Carlie McCumber
  • Erica Nathan (astro. geo.)
  • Regina Pimentel
  • Austin Sun
  • Alex Taylor
  • Alec Wisniewski

Class of 2019

  • Victoria Arnold
  • Allie Callanan
  • Adam Coles
  • Kate Conlan (env. geol.)
  • Esteban Dardani (minor)
  • Monica Dimas
  • Isabel Dove
  • Sara Gillis
  • Adrian Heath
  • Chelsea Jacques
  • Alexander Kappler (minor)
  • Bryce Kuhn (freshwater sci.)
  • Shae Labbe
  • Mark LaPan
  • Camila Loke
  • Faith McDonald
  • Dhara Patel
  • Hayley Pearson
  • Ben Snider
  • Sam Timothy
  • Michelle Tebolt (astro. geo.)
  • Connor Wingenroth

Class of 2020

  • Megan Martis (env. geol.)

Student Research

Student research is a significant feature of our undergraduate curriculum that often leads to presentations at professional meetings and publications in scientific journals. Geology students and faculty conduct research on a wide variety of topics in locations as diverse as Canada, Iceland, Russia, Mongolia, Japan, Australia, the Galápagos Islands, and Antarctica. Through their research, students commonly gain hands-on experience with analytical techniques and technical instrumentation in our state-of-the-art lab facilities on campus.

Check out some research done by students in recent years:

Department Activities

Students in the department are engaged with us outside of the classrooms and labs as well. Through department-organized gatherings and field trips, and CUGS (geology club), our students develop a true sense of community and family. VIEW IMAGE GALLERIES

Student giving thumbs up while at garnet mine