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InstructorHsu, Carolyn L.
MeetsMWF1020-1110, ALUMNI 110
RestrictionsNo 2020 2019 2018
Core AreaCommunities & Identities
Count TowardsCommunities & Identities

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China has the distinction of being one of the world’s oldest continuous cultures, with 5,000 years of rich, complex history. In the last two centuries, its empire has disintegrated, it has been reborn as a socialist state, and is now a rising international power with the second largest economy on the globe. This class approaches China not as a monolithic entity, but as a complicated place and people best understood through diverse perspectives. This class explores China through its religious traditions, history, political systems, economics, society, international relations, literature, food, and environment. Students also gain indispensable writing and research skills as they develop their own projects. Students who successfully complete this seminar will satisfy the Communities & Identities core requirement.

Carolyn L. Hsu is a sociologist with degrees from Yale and UCSD. Her current research is on the rise of NGOs and new forms of activism in the People's Republic of China. Her latest book, Social Entrepreneurship and Citizenship in China, was just published by Routledge.

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