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GEOG 327 ES   Australia's Stolen Generations Back to Results  


InstructorBurnett, Adam W.
InstructorKraly, Ellen P.
RestrictionsInstructor signature required
NotesExtended Study; Accepted students must co-register for GEOG 319
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsEXST/Extended Study PCON/Peace & Conflict Studies

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The intellectual goal of this extended study is to address issues of both population vulnerabilities and cultural resilience by considering Aborigines in Australia, and specifically engaging the historical geography and the contemporary experience of the Noongar community in Western Australia. Three themes form the curricular program of the extended study. (1) Students study the historical geography of Aborigines in Australia within the context of European colonization and settlement, federation and nation-building. These issues are framed using concepts of population vulnerability, environmental impact, and cultural heritage and identity at the national, regional and local geographic scales. (2) Students study the impacts of national, regional and local policies directed toward indigenous peoples on Aboriginal families and children, given particular focus to programs concerning part-Aboriginal children, Australia's "Stolen Generations." (3) Students learn the ways in which Aboriginal culture and 'care for country' has remained resilient across time, space, and generations.