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InstructorMaitra, Aniruddha
MeetsTR 245-400, LITTLE 105
Core AreaGlobal Engagements
Count TowardsFMST/Film & Media Studies

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This course covers some of the key national as well as international film movements, principal directors, and aesthetic concepts by situating them within broader social, political, and cultural contexts. The course proceeds chronologically, but is framed comparatively and dialectically. The class focuses on such issues as the rise of cinematic culture and the medium and their relationship to film form, the industrial-political giving rise to particular film movements, and the growing prominence of different regional and national traditions over and against the commercial dominance of Hollywood. Students develop their analytical, evaluative, and communicative skills through reading, writing, and talking about films made outside the Hollywood tradition. Prerequisite: Prerequisite: FMST 200 or permission of instructor.

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