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InstructorHsu, Carolyn L.
MeetsMW120-235, ALUMNI 208
Pre-Requisites(SOCI 201 or SOAN 204) or (SOCI 250 or SOAN 210)
RestrictionsNo 2021
DistributionSocial Relations,Inst.& Agents
Core AreaGlobal Engagements
FormerlySOAN 326

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Nationalism is on the rise in the United Kingdom and the United States again, as evidenced by Brexit and Trump’s “Make America Great Again” campaign slogan, as well as in China, Russia, and elsewhere. But what exactly is nationalism? Why does it arise? And what are its effects on society? Students explore nationalism through case studies, both from history and in today’s news. Students investigate the relationship between nationalism and other social constructions of identity, such as language, religion, ethnicity, and gender. The course also examines contemporary phenomenon undermining nationalism: transnationalism, multinationalism, and globalization.

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