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SOCI 224 A   Immigrant &Sexual Cultures/SRS Back to Results  


InstructorLoe, Meika
MeetsMW120-235, 100HAM CLASS
RestrictionsInstructor signature required
NotesOpen to SRS students only
DistributionSocial Relations,Inst.& Agents
Core AreaNone

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What makes a city? A sociological response to this question emphasizes the people, social groups, and communities that make cities what they are. This interdisciplinary course focuses on community, culture, identity, and place. The focus is San Francisco, a modern city composed of diverse immigrant and sexual subcultures. The course asks how identity-based communities are created and maintained in the face of oppression and contestation. The course considers the unique and ongoing struggles of immigrant and sexual communities in terms of gender, race, class, health, history, and human rights. Readings range from socio-historical analysis, to U.S. Census data, to memoir, to poetry, to fiction. Open to Sophomore Residential Students only.