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InstructorMaitra, Aniruddha
MeetsTR 245-400, LITTLE 114
Pre-RequisitesFMST 200 or FSEM 149
RestrictionsInstr sign req during Drop/Add
NotesPrereq or instructor signature required; see revised course description
DistributionHumanities Requirement
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsFMST/Film & Media Studies

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What is “documentary”? Is it a genre, a sensibility, a film practice, an ethical-political orientation, or a mode of knowledge production? Alongside studying the history and theory of documentary film as a discourse that has engaged closely with all these registers of documentary, this course explores the driving force behind “the documentary impulse”—the impulse of representing reality. We will pay close attention to how different media forms—film/ video as well as writing, photography, television, and new media—have shaped the documentary desire for an encounter with the “real.” We will study major debates in documentary film through a wide variety of historically significant and contemporary films together with discussions from philosophy, anthropology, and media studies. Prerequisite: FMST 200 or a cinema studies course in the FMST minor, or permission of instructor.

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