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InstructorDe Lucia, Kristin
MeetsMWF920-1010, ALUMNI 109
DistributionSocial Relations,Inst.& Agents
Core AreaNone

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Debate key issues surrounding the Aztecs of Central Mexico using archaeological and written evidence to understand ancient Aztec culture. This course explores the great technological achievements of Aztec civilization, its complex rituals and beliefs, bustling marketplaces and cities, and the everyday lives of ordinary people. Questions addressed include: Who were the Aztecs? Why did the Aztecs practice human sacrifice and cannibalism? How did the Aztecs become the largest empire in ancient Mesoamerica? Did the Aztec Empire promote the well-being of its commoners? Was religion used as a tool of domination? What was the role of women in Aztec society? Why did the Aztec Empire fall to the Spanish? What happened to people following the fall of the Aztec Empire? Students will integrate primary sources, archaeological research, and ethnohistory to uncover the Aztec past.

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