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InstructorLeMesurier, Jennifer L.
MeetsMW245-400, LATH 207
DistributionHuman Thought and Expression
Core AreaNone

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The primary focus of this course will be the body as viewed through the rhetorical lens of techne, defined by Aristotle as crafted knowledge and application. This course engages with recent developments in the field of rhetoric, which has expanded to consider how persuasion and meaning making are impacted by movement, gender, and performance. The course will center on recent and canonical theories for studying bodies, introducing students to the dominant conversations within rhetoric and related fields. Students will apply these frameworks to texts from popular, political, and artistic performances to better understand how dominant narratives about the body constrain or enable certain types of behavior and what they signify. Through this theoretical and practical study, students will become critically aware of the intersections of bodies and their representations and how these intersections influence our capacity for engaged deliberation and social action.

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