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InstructorHenke, Christopher
MeetsMWF 1220-110, ALUMNI 207
NotesMeets first half of term
Core AreaNone

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A half-semester 0.50-credit course. Social science research methodologies are multifaceted, and draw on both quantitative and qualitative approaches. Regardless of approach, however, high quality research is rooted in a sound conceptual design, the appropriate methods of data collection, processing, and analysis, and a theoretically informed interpretation of results. This course explores these elements within the discipline of geography. Students apply qualitative content analysis ¿ an approach that facilitates the analysis of words, concepts, and relationships in texts, such as newspaper articles ¿ to the study of environmental risk communication, and area of scholarship that analyzes flows of information, public discourse, and perceptions of environmental issues. Assignments build to a final project in which students analyze texts using qualitative data analysis software. A key goal of the course is to prepare students for upper-level undergraduate research.