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ANTH 452 A   Senior Seminar in Anthropology back to previous pageBack to Results  
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InstructorRies, Nancy V.
MeetsT 245-515, ALUMNI 431
Pre-Requisites(SOCI 101 or SOAN 101 or FSEM 193) and (ANTH 102 or SOAN 102 or FSEM 194) and (ANTH 211 or SOAN 211)
RestrictionsOnly 2015
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaNone

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In this capstone seminar for the anthropology major students design original research projects grounded in recent anthropological theory and relevant literature on their topics and collect and analyze appropriate ethnographic or cultural data; and each student writes a significant thesis paper. Seminars also focus on intensive reading about select theoretical issues in contemporary anthropology; the specific focus of the seminar reading depends on the instructor. Open to seniors only. (Formerly SOAN 452.) Prerequisites: ANTH 102 (formerly SOAN 102) with a grade of C or higher, ANTH 103 (formerly SOAN 103) with a grade of C or higher, ANTH 211 (formerly SOAN 211) or approved equivalent, or permission of instructor.

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