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InstructorAveni, Anthony F.
MeetsTR 120-235, HO 101
RestrictionsInstr sign req during Drop/Add
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsNAST/Native American Studies

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This course deals with the development of astronomy and, in a more general sense, with the relationship between the natural world and people in different societies and walks of life. The course examines the role of the sky in shaping religions and political ideologies in various kinds of cultures, among them hunter-gatherers, agrarian societies, and dynasties. Specific goals of the course include 1) gaining familiarization with the sky as seen with the naked eye, 2) understanding how various ways of comprehending the sky shapes a society's world view, and 3) examining where cross-cultural parallels exist by seeking out the similarities and differences between the development of techno-assisted West-ern science and the so-called "ethno-sciences" in other cultures, both ancient and contemporary. Lec-tures are accompanied by sessions in the planetarium of the Ho Tung Visualization Lab, as well as out of doors, weather permitting. (Formerly SOAN 230.) This course is crosslisted as ASTR 230 (formerly ASTR 130). (MC)

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