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ANTH 218 AX   Practices of Peace & Conflict Back to Results  


InstructorRies, Nancy V.
MeetsTR 955-1110, ALUMNI 111
RestrictionsNo 2016 2015
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaGlobal Engagements
Count TowardsPCON/Peace & Conflict Studies

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This course introduces students to a range of approaches and problems in the descriptive analysis of peace and conflict. It juxtaposes core theoretical texts on war and violence from the social and human sciences with detailed ethnographic case studies. Practices of contemporary conflict are paired with the interpretive paradigms whose aim is to understand and resolve them. For example, case studies in terror are paired with the field of trauma studies; specific regional conflicts with theories of global networks; and contemporary mass violence with analysis of genocide perpetration. In the process, this course introduces students to important methodological paradigms from the social sciences, chiefly from anthropology, sociology, and geography, as well as humanities-based approaches from comparative religion, literature, and language studies. (Formerly SOAN 218.)This course is crosslisted as PCON 218.