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InstructorLeMesurier, Jennifer L.
MeetsMW245-400, LATH 210
DistributionHuman Thought and Expression
Core AreaNone

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By taking a transnational comparative perspective, this course introduces students to several key questions in comparative and intercultural rhetoric, from the most basic question of “How does culture shape language, and how does language, in turn, shape culture?” to more complicated questions: How do cross-border and cross-cultural engagements constrain and influence rhetorical practices and interactions? How do cultural logics, values, and assumptions hierarchically govern different geo-political spaces? In what ways have individuals and groups both conformed to and resisted discursive structures of power and privilege? And finally, in what ways can comparative and intercultural study sharpen our own critical insights about and rhetorical agency within such dominant structures? This course will address these questions and others as students work to develop and strengthen skills in critical analysis, research, and reflective practices through the lens of transnational comparative intercultural rhetoric.

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