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MATH 481 AX   Modeling of Biological Systems Back to Results  


InstructorAy, Ahmet
MeetsT 300-500, OLIN 129A
RestrictionsInstructor signature required
DistributionNat Science/Math Requirement
Core AreaNone

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Quantitative techniques have become a crucial tool in recent years for analyzing biological systems, a field which has been flooded with highly detailed experimental data due to new advanced data acquisition techniques in the biological sciences. This interdisciplinary research tutorial explores the analysis of biological systems using quantitative approaches such as mathematical modeling, statistical learning, and computer programming. With the guidance of the instructor, students choose a biological problem of their interest and analyze it using quantitative techniques. The research topics include (but are not limited to) gene regulation, disease networks, and cell cycle regulation. Students are expected to read the primary literature related to their research project, write a paper describing their research in the format of a scientific journal article, present the results of their research, and write a peer-reviewed grant proposal. Prerequisite: Permission of instructor. This course is crosslisted as BIOL 481.