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ANTH 253 A   Field Meth/Interpret-Archaelog back to previous pageBack to Results  
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InstructorKerber, Jordan
MeetsTR 120-400, ALUMNI B5
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsNAST/Native American Studies

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This course provides students with hands-on experience in procedures archaeologists employ in collecting, processing, and reporting data. The course revolves around two basic premises: learning about archaeology includes doing archaeology, and doing archaeology involves more than just digging. Training in archaeological fieldwork and data processing is based upon an ongoing research project in Central New York. Each student has the opportunity to participate in various aspects of this research from excavation and field recording to cataloguing and analysis. The culmination of the course is a detailed report based upon research conducted during the semester. Class size is limited to 15 students. (Formerly SOAN 353.) (MC, FR)

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