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InstructorKraly, Ellen P.
MeetsTR 830-945, HO 326
Pre-RequisitesGEOG 111 or (SOCI 101 or SOAN 101 or FSEM 193) or (ANTH 102 or SOAN 102 or FSEM 194)
RestrictionsNo 2018 Instr sign req during Drop/Add
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsPCON/Peace & Conflict Studies

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This course introduces students to approaches to the study of international migration, immigrant assimilation and adjustment, ethnic social and economic stratification, and immigration policy formation and analysis. These topics are explored within the historical and contemporary context of the United States and New York. The class considers theoretical perspectives that have been applied to the study of migration as well as approaches used by sociologists and geographers in empirical analyses of U.S. immigration, immigrant populations, and ethnic relations. These analytical issues are considered in detail for immigrant and ethnic groups within New York state and the New York metropolitan community. Finally, students consider the relationships among patterns of immigration and ethnic relations, cultural change, international relations and transnational linkages, and U.S. immigration policy reform. Prerequisite: GEOG 111 (formerly GEOG 101) or SOAN 101 or SOAN 102. This course is crosslisted as SOAN 318.

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