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GEOG 111 A   Global Shift:Econ, Soc, & Geog Back to Results  


InstructorHays-Mitchell, Maureen
MeetsTR 955-1110, HO 328
RestrictionsNo 2016 2015
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsENS3/Environmental Geography

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This course introduces students to the geographic perspective as a way of enriching their critical understanding of the increasingly globalized world of the early 21st century and the roles played by particular places within this global system. The course focuses particularly on contemporary patterns and processes of change in human well-being throughout the world, the factors and dynamics that underpin this change, and their complex interrelations with the natural and built environment. To this end, this course examines the implications for social and economic development in diverse world regions of phenomena such as international migration, infectious disease epidemics, urbanization, foreign direct investment, democratization movements, and global media. Case studies are drawn from industrialized countries of the Global North, transition economies and societies of the former Soviet Bloc, emerging economies of Asia, and the developing economies of Latin America and Africa.