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COSC 302 A   Analysis of Algorithms Back to Results  


InstructorRamachandran, Vijay
MeetsMW 120-235, MCGREG 312
Pre-RequisitesCOSC 290
NotesCOSC 290 may be taken concurrently
DistributionNat Science/Math Requirement
Core AreaNone

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This course provides a conceptual framework within which both theoretical and concrete analyses of computer algorithms may be developed. Topics to be covered include nuber-theoretic algorithms; graph algorithms; problem-solving techniques including divide-and-conquer, greedy algorithms, and dynamic programming; linear programming; and intractability. The required credit-bearing laboratory COSC 302L must be taken concurrently with COSC 302. Prerequisites: COSC 290 or permission of instructor. (Formerly COSC 460.)