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ASTR 312 A   Astronomical Techniques Back to Results  


InstructorBalonek, Thomas J.
MeetsTR 120-235, HO 404
Pre-RequisitesPHYS 121 or PHYS 232 or MATH 112 or ASTR 101 or ASTR 102 or ASTR 210
NotesPrereq or instructor signature required
DistributionNat Science/Math Requirement
Core AreaNone

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A laboratory course introducing students to basic astronomical observations,methods of data acquisition and reduction using the university's 16-inch telescope, CCD electronic camera, and image-processing workstation. Students are instructed in methods of astronomical imaging including detector calibration and atmospheric effects; in fundamentals of photometric reductions, including obtaining a light curve for a selected variable star; and in astronomical spectroscopy and spectral classification. ASTR 312L must be taken concurrently with ASTR 312. (Formerly ASTR 212/212L.) Prerequisite: PHYS 232 (formerly PHYS 121) or MATH 112 or an astronomy course or permission of instructor. Offered in the fall only, in alternate years.