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InstructorBigenho, Michelle L.
MeetsMW 120-235, ALUMNI 209
RestrictionsNo 2018
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaGlobal Engagements
Count TowardsALS4/Latin American Studies NAST/Native American Studies

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While the Andes regions may evoke quaint images often seen in tourism advertisements, a focus on the people living in this region reflects globally interconnected dynamics. The course engages with diverse authors who write about the Andes: as a place stepped in highland indigenous traditions; as the place of the Inca Empire; as a place of rural communities in which collective action can take priority over individual interest; as the original source of the coca leaf that has ritual significance through the region and contested political significance in the international sphere; as the birthplace of a Maoist guerrilla movement in the last gasp of the Cold War; and as the place where social movements have challenged global economics systems and brought an indigenous president to power. Through details about the lives of those who reside in the Andes, this course brings together anthropological and historical views of this region with cases primarily from Peru, Bolivia, and Ecuador. No first-year students admitted. This course is crosslisted as ALST 365.

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