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ANTH 252 A   Muslim Societies in Transition Back to Results  


InstructorSpadola, Emilio
MeetsTR 120-235, ALUMNI 109
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsASIA/Asian Studies MIST/Middle East & Islamic St

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How has mass education of women promoted Islamic revival from Niger to Indonesia? How have new media challenged Muslim authorities in Saudi Arabia? How do Chinese Muslims endure communism? This course compares Muslim-majority societies across the contemporary Islamic world with an emphasis on the distinct and shifting social institutions and practices that bind them. Major topics include changing social institutions under modern imperialism and emergent capitalism, the rise of nation-states and national identities, and the current Islamic revival. The course also addresses contemporary social changes in religious authority and hierarchy, gender and sexuality, religious and ethnic minorities, and technologies and new media. This course is crosslisted as MIST 252. (A)