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COSC 102 A   Intro to Computing II Back to Results  


InstructorRamachandran, Vijay
MeetsTR 245-400, MCGREG 312
Pre-RequisitesCOSC 101
NotesPrereq or instructor signature required
DistributionNat Science/Math Requirement
Core AreaNone

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This course is a continuation of COSC 101 and is the first course in the major. It develops advanced programming topics such as abstract data types and algorithms and their analysis. Abstract data structures introduced include stacks, queues, lists, and binary trees; algorithms include search and sort procedures. The concepts of information hiding, data abstraction, and modular design are emphasized. Object-oriented programming is used throughout the course. Laboratories include the design and implementation of programs that illustrate the topics of the course. There are three lectures and a two-hour laboratory each week. The required credit-bearing laboratory COSC 102L must be taken concur-rently with COSC 102. Prerequisite: COSC 101.