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GEOG 324 A   Internat'l Environment Policy Back to Results  


InstructorWynn, Shangrila J.
MeetsMW 245-400, HO 328
RestrictionsNo 2018
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsENS2/Environmental Economics ENS3/Environmental Geography ENS5/Environmental Studies PCON/Peace & Conflict Studies

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As awareness of global environmental problems grows, questions arise as to how social, cultural, and biophysical contexts define how humans use and manage natural resources, on both community and national scales of analysis. This course uses geographic perspectives on nature-society interactions to consider the decision-making processes of natural resource managers, from local farmers to policy actors at the national and international levels. Case studies in Africa and Latin America are used to explore the environmental (biophysical) and political constraints on the management of natural resources. (Formerly GEOG 332.)