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GEOG 321 A   Gender, Justice, Envir Change Back to Results  


InstructorHays-Mitchell, Maureen
MeetsTR 955-1110, HO 326
RestrictionsNo 2018
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaGlobal Engagements
Count TowardsALS1/African American Studies ALS2/African Studies ENS2/Environmental Economics ENS3/Environmental Geography ENS5/Environmental Studies ALS4/Latin American Studies PCON/Peace & Conflict Studies WMST/Women's Studies

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This course explores how the environment (both physical and social) shapes, and is shaped by, the roles of men and women in society. The course addresses environmental issues from the dual perspective of gender relations and social justice to advance our understandings of the fundamental relationship between human activities and our physical and social environments. To this end, we work across diverse geographies to explore (1) the social relations underlying environmental problems; (2) the ways in which gender, class, race, and ethnicity intersect in environmental issues; and (3) the social and environmental processes that underlie the construction of gender and the life-worlds of the individuals in those `geographies¿. We bring a global perspective to the issues by drawing out local-global linkages. Case studies are drawn from North America, Latin America, Africa, and Asia. (Formerly GEOG 304.)