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ANTH 249 AX   Art/Architect-Ancient Americas Back to Results  


InstructorLorenz, Carol Ann
MeetsMW 245-400, ALUMNI 110
DistributionSocial Science Requirement
Core AreaNone
Count TowardsALS4/Latin American Studies NAST/Native American Studies

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This course examines the principal art styles of the pre-Columbian cultures of South and Middle America, while also considering their impact on the art of indigenous cultures of North America. Relying on archaeological and art historical sources, students discover the usefulness of art and architecture in reconstructing the cultures of the pre-Columbian past. The course also considers the relationship of art and architecture to the environment; the effects of migration, trade, warfare, and technological innovation on the development of art styles; and the use of art in maintaining social hierarchies, political institutions, and religious systems. This course is crosslisted as ARTS 249.