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Literature in Translation

(For 2013–2014 academic year)
Director M.A. Calo

Although Colgate does not have a formal major in comparative literature, it is fortunate to have a number of courses in literature in translation. Some of these courses are offered in conjunction with university studies programs, but all count toward the Human Thought and Expression area of inquiry requirement. Please check the departmental listings for more complete information.


CLAS 221, The Epic Voice and Its Echoes
CLAS 222, The Tragic and Comic Muse
CLAS 224, The Age of Augustus
CLAS 225, Poets, Lovers, and Monsters
CLAS 230, Classical Mythology
East Asian Languages and Literatures
CHIN 222, China through Literature and Film
JAPN 222, Japan through Literature and Film
ENGL 302, The Literature of the Early Middle Ages
ENGL 402, Medieval Celtic Literature
GERM 222, Reinventing Story-Telling: Contemporary German Literature


HUMN 330, The Western Esoteric Tradition

Jewish Studies

JWST 204, Jewish Fiction sincethe Holocaust
JWST 205, Yiddish Fiction in Translation
JWST 303, Jewish Fiction before the War


RELG/JWST 208, The Hebrew Bible in America

Romance Languages and Literature

FREN 222, French Literature in Translation
FREN 225/ENGL 210, Poetry and Revolution: Modern American and French Poetry
ITAL 222, Italian Literature in Translation
SPAN 225, Modern Latin American Literature in Translation
SPAN 226, Latin American Women Writers

Russian and Eurasian Studies

REST 253, 19th-Century Russian Literature
REST 260, The Émigrés: Lives of Remarkable Russians
REST 314, Dostoevsky and His World
REST 358, The New Russians: Post-Soviet Literature, Art, and Film