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Education and Research

Sustainability-related topics and issues are tackled both in and out of the classroom. Students have the opportunity to think critically about these concepts in academic classes and put them into practice by collaborating with faculty on research projects. 
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Sustainability Courses

Colgate University offers more than 100 sustainability-focused and sustainability-related courses in 22 departments. Sustainability courses include classes that primarily center on sustainability (sustainability-focused), or contain at least one module regarding sustainability (sustainability-related). These classes engage all three pillars of sustainability - economic, social and environmental.

Looking for an interesting class to take this semester? Check out our sustainability course list.

Faculty assists students in the Greenhouse.

Student Research

Colgate students take their ideas out of the classroom and apply it to real-life problems and issues. Students have numerous opportunities to conduct research, either as part of their class, a collaboration with faculty, or even as a project for local community partners. Our student reports have been one of the main driving forces shaping campus sustainability initiatives.

Student ENST Research Reports
Upstate Institute Field School 

Wellness Program

Students wishing to fulfill their Physical Education credit can sign up for the Wellness Passport, wherein they can attend sustainability programs, events and workshops to earn participation hours. Events and workshops are announced throughout the semester.

Wellness Program Schedule

Foundations of Sustainability
Foundations of Sustainability is a six-week professional development program offered by the Office of Sustainability. In this interactive discussion course, participants will explore the principles and practice of sustainability at Colgate and beyond through assigned readings centered around a specific topic each week. The program is designed to be fun, educational, and interactive.

The Green Certification Program
The Green Certification Program is an online education training, which includes a quiz and submission of a writing piece after passing the quiz. Being Green Certified shows that you have the knowledge and understanding to support Colgate's sustainability and climate action programs. In total, the program takes 2 hours. To receive credit email your certification of completion to before the end of the semester.

Recycling Workshops
Recycling Workshops are offered by the Office of Sustainability to provide participants with an interactive approach to learning about recycling on campus and within Madison County.

Food Workshops
The goal of this workshop is to familiarize students with sustainability in Colgate’s Dining Services. Participants will be exposed to examples of local food within the dining hall, learn about sustainability within the realm of food, and meet with Chartwell’s Sustainability Manager, Steve Holzbaur.

Upcycling Workshops
The goal of this workshop is to teach students how to creatively reuse materials, rather than throw them away. Participants will create projects with materials that would otherwise have been thrown away in order to practice a sustainable behavior and learn a fun way to reduce waste.