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Colgate’s professors are as committed to their teaching as they are to their own research and publication.
Research by Colgate faculty members appears in the most-respected academic journals in the world, and faculty members often are consulted on newsworthy topics of the day.

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Penny Lane

Penny Lane, assistant professor of Art and Art History, was invited to The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in 2017. An creative and accomplished maker of non-traditional documentary films, Lane serves in the the Academy's Documentary division. FULL PROFILE of Penny Lane

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Christian DuComb

Christian DuComb

Christian DuComb, assistant professor of theater, studied the racial history of the Philadelphia Mummer's Parade in his new book, Haunted City: Three Centuries of Racial Impersonation in Philadelphia. DuComb studies performance theory and history. FULL PROFILE of Christian DuComb

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Nina Moore

Nina Moore

C-Span2 Book TV featured political science professor Nina Moore discussing her book The Political Roots of Racial Tracking in American Criminal JusticeWATCH PRESENTATION

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Wan-Chun Liu

Wan-Chun Liu

Wan-Chun Liu, professor of neuroscience, studies relationships between gene expression and behavior in songbirds. His work, which could have repercussions for human diseases, is based in an interdisciplinary approach and a life-long love of nature. FULL PROFILE OF WAN-CHUN LIU

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Joe Levy

Joe Levy

With funding from a NASA grant and images from the Mars Orbiter Mission, Assistant Professor of Geology Joe Levy and his students are studying the geohistory of the red planet. FULL VIDEO OF JOE LEVY

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